Law reform

European Commission
Member, Expert Group on the Modernization of Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Commercial Matters (2018)
Member, Expert Group on Conflict of Laws regarding Securities and Claims (2017)
Member, Consortium of Experts led by the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, Evaluation study of the impact of national procedural laws and practices on the free circulation of judgments and on the equivalence and effectiveness of the procedural protection of consumers under EU law (2016).
Member, Expert Group on the Freezing of Bank Accounts  (2011).

European Parliament
The Hague Conference on Private International Law « Judgments Convention », Report for the Legal Committee of the European Parliament (2018), with P. de Miguel Asensio, P. Franzina, C. Heinze, M. Requejo
Civil Judicial Experts in the EU: Analysis of EU Legislation and Recommendations, Report for the Legal Committee of the European Parliament (2015)

ELI-UNIDROIT Joint Project on Civil Procedure, co-reporter on provisional and protective measures (2014-2016)

International Law Association
Member, Study Group on UN Sanctions and International Law

Member of the Drafting Committee of the avant projet de loi portant réforme de l’arbitrage

Projet de loi relative à la conversion de l’ordonnance européenne de saisie conservatoire des comptes bancaires (Règlement (UE) No 655/2014) en mesure nationaie d’exécution et portant modification du Nouveau Code de procédure civile